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About the Advisory

Collecting art is one of the most intellectually engaging activities in the world. Throughout history, art has been at the forefront of influencing and shaping culture, leading aesthetic trends, communicating societal and political ideologies, and challenging history. 

Today, there more artists and artworks than ever, and more platforms of viewing these works. Thus, it can be extraordinarily difficult and time consuming to make intelligent decisions when navigating such a vast territory. At the Remes Advisory, we strive to assist collectors of all knowledge and price levels to explore all the art world has to offer in an efficient and insightful way, making informed decisions on purchases, and ensuring that each work was acquired wisely.

Most importantly, we aim to inspire our clients to learn more about the canon of art history, what speaks to them, what they see themselves living with, and tolocate work that invigorates this enjoyment and desire to learn.

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